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With Vanvoyage campers, you can visit Slovenia’s top destinations at your own time and stay at each, for as long as you decide.


You can even jump over to Italy or Croatia, everything is close yet there is so much to explore! 🏕



Ljubljana ☕️

The picturesque image of the centre of Ljubljana has been marked by different historical periods and most notably by the works of the world-famous architect Jože Plečnik. Take a walk through the Ljubljana Old Town, ascend to the castle and have some coffee before you start your road trip.


Lake Bled 🐠

A picture perfect location, this is even better than you could have ever imagined. Shaped like a teardrop, the crystal clear blue-green lake has an island right in the middle topped with a church. Check out the views from the cliff top castle or take a boat ride to see the view from a different perspective.



Lake Bohinj 🐡

No apology for having two lakes as Lake Bohinj is just as beautiful and great for swimming. There are some good walks and lots of activities to try if you are feeling energetic. If not, take the cable car to the top of Mount Vogel and walk along the gorge to see the Savica Falls.

Kayak or canoe trip 🚣🏼‍♀️

Kayaking and canoeing are the most popular water activities in Slovenia, especially in Bohinj. Exploring the lake and Sava Bohinjka river is pure joy and unforgettable experience for beginners and intermediate kayakers. You can attend kayak school, rent kayaks and canoes, and other necessary equipment.




Soča River 🏞

Called the Emerald of Slovenia for a good reason. This hidden gem tucked away in the Alps is sure to leave you speechless. You can do a wide arrange of activities while soaking in the breathtaking views.


In the heart of the Soča river valley, Bovec is a true paradise for people who enjoy active vacations surrounded by the most amazing views nature can offer.




Goriška Brda 🍷

An intoxicatingly beautiful vineyard region known for its world-class wine. Also named the “Slovenian Tuscany” this area is home to an immense amount of wineries and wine cellars. You can enjoy a tasting tour or spend the night at a local farm-stay for a few days. Just beware of having too much.

A Cherry Festival is also hosted here every year. The biggest and most attention-grabbing cultural and tourist event in the region, visited by over 30,000 visitors




Piran City 🌊

Piran is the ‘Little Italy’ of Slovenia, right on the Adriatic, it’s a cute little seaside resort with something else Italy is famous for, ice cream.

Sečovlje Saltpans 🧂

In the Natural Park of Sečovlje, the past still walks hand in hand with the present. The ancient way of salt production is a part of Slovenian cultural heritage and to this days remains something special.




Postojna Caves 🚂

This is Slovenia’s most famous cave. Take a memorable train ride through the cave and meet the baby dragons. If you choose the train, be prepared to duck, it can be quite tight in places!

Predjama Castle 🏰

An incredible fortress built inside a cave, there are guided tours available, but remember to pack a jumper, it can be cold inside.


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